I just got done listening to Birdy’s cover of Skinny Love. Everything she does with it, every cadence…it just feels wrong, when I’m so used to hearing your version of it. I still have it on my phone, that piece of shit recording we made in my bedroom back in July. It’s still one of my most played albums, according to iTunes. And it still makes me smile. 

I have kept so many silly things, for so many silly reasons, and most of them just remind me of you.


I’ll write a thousand scripts.
I’ll film a hundred shorts.
I might even finish that feature.
So why is it that I only feel so much pleasure,
At the thought of making my dreams reality,
And proving wrong all those who doubt me?
I think it’s because I know that art is important,
And that my life wouldn’t be the same without it.
But I’m also too keenly aware,
That the happiness it brings is fleeting.
Creating a cinematic facade that only I believe in,
Is as temporary a joy as they come.
Because soon I have to move onto the next one,
And it’ll just be me sitting in the dark again,
Working on my silly movies.
And thinking about how much I miss you.

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